Born and raised in Meadowlands, Soweto Brian Lehang was always inspired and self-motivated to aspire in being the difference. From back at primary school he introduced a tie in his school uniform and inspired the rest of the school to follow. He then wanted to differ from his peers and decided to go play golf.

Now Brian Lehang is a familiar figure in the fashion space as a golfer that echoes a modern way of gentleman living. He is always seen in implacable suits, sartorially embracing the look of a classic dandy man. Inspired by the olden day dressing of men in Sophiatown, Johannesburg he always dreamt to make wearing a suit on a daily basis a lifestyle. Elegantly looking in his sophisticated suits he always wanted to learn more about the heritage and history of suits. Brian has been a traveller and a student, all for the love of fashion and style.

He was just an average golfer but with his love for fashion and history behind it, he always left a statement on the golf course with his looks. As strange as it looked to see a young boy dressed like the old great Bobby Locke on the golf course, he changed the perceptions of his peers about formal wear. He even gave the old generation the reason to smile with hope that the future will not forget the past. Brian had a say on the golf course, “if you won’t or can’t play good golf at least look good”.

With 10 years in the golfing industry and continuing to be a public figure in the fashion world both personally and digitally, Brian Lehang is now known as SUITABLEMAN. Thrilled of the fashion weeks he once hoped to be a high fashion model and walk the ramp, but that didn’t work out and could only settle for the front row sit. It never stopped him from dreaming and he started singing a remix of Coco Chanel’s words “every day is a fashion week and the streets are my runway”.

He dressed up every day and made each day not only a special occasion but a memorable one. He did that by being a very good friend with the camera. Always ready to take a picture and looking at his picture timeline, Brian has come a long way with his craft as he continues to make clothes look luxurious and living like a gentleman a lifestyle.

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