South African Fashion Week A/W22


Although we are still under lockdown level 1 courtesy of the Covid19 pandemic, things are back to near normality as we got to grace the front row after a year of virtual fashion weeks.

Let’s see what the menswear designers brought on the runway for the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection:

Amanda Laird Cherry


Inspired by Japanese street-style derived from the Japanese magazine called Fruits. Taking an introspection at how the pandemic has negatively affected the business, He adopted a Japanese mending technique called “Sashiko”. Reconstructing and deconstructing old garments and giving them life. He also gave us a master class in layering and the use of minimal colors.



Samkelo is no stranger to the Suitable Man blog, nor is he a stranger to South Africa Fashion Week. He is actually the 2020 winner of the Menswear Scout Competition. He brought an elevating collection to give us more validation to why he worn the last season. One of those reasons is that he followed the memorandum and displayed an absolute winter collection. We saw the use of fabrics such as Gabardine for his trench coats and he also used corduroy making a shirt and jacket.



This season was quite fascinating as the menswear collections were dominated by female designers and Neo was one of them. Neo’s collection was a fusion of Street Wear and Sports Lux with minimal tribal designs. A couple of years ago, it would look very odd for one to go out to an event with sweat pants, but now we see how designers explore ways of making these traditional indoor wardrobe staples look as luxurious as possible.

Richard Hoy


With Richard’s collection I was captured by the precision tailoring, he kept it simple and practical. Looking at this collection, I can say the future of retail is looking great as we can be able to substitute international brands with local designs in our chain stores. This collection speaks to almost every man, fashion forward or not. One doesn’t even need to have the whole look, each items are easy to wear and style with a lot of existing items in the wardrobe.

Thabo Kopele


A white winter it was as Thabo served us with hues of white, carefully finessed giving us clean tailoring with minimal styling. The collection is not only chic and sophisticated but also practical with interchangeable pieces that can be styled sartorially for all seasons.



Mbalenhle Mncube was another female designer in the menswear division who is fresh from graduating at LISOF, she paid homage to her late father honoring him with this collection befitting the coming winter weathers. Like most of the designers, she also took the deconstructive route reconstructing some of her father’s sentimental items and adding he creative touch to them. She may have not won the Menswear Scout Competition but she definitely has great potential in the fashion industry.

The Watermelon Social Club


Another blissful display of street wear with carefully curated use of fabrics with the focus on the A/W season and still keeping the styling as playful attractive. Keeping the colors toned down shifting the attention to the detail of the garment.

Xavier Sadan


Orchestrated by Michael Reed who was one of the designers that had an opportunity to showcase at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year, in a program called Ponte Dela Moda – Fashion bridges. They had an opportunity to collaborate with Italian designers to create a collection that speaks to both nations. His collection inspiration was “A traveler seeking greener pastures across the seas”. He emphasized gender fluidity in his collection making his garments wearable for all genders.


A big thanks to the men and women behind the lenses as they created such beautiful memories that will be in our  digital gadgets forever. We have been through tough times and it’s amazing to see designers persevering and pulling of such amazing collections showing resilience against all odds. An applause to the South African Fashion Week for continuing to empower designers to also be the business of their work, after all this platform is about the business of ethical fashion.

Visit Home – SA Fashion Week to see more what happened this past weekend.

Until next time, stay fashionable…

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang







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