SUITABLE SUNDAY – The Return Of The Sartorial Legion


After over a year’s absence due to obvious reasons, Suitable Sunday was back by popular demands.

Suitable Sunday was not the only event that had to take an abrupt halt. We saw international event such as Pitti Uomo which has been our source of inspiration being placed on hold due to the pandemic. Here at home, there was little reason for people to play dress-up as there were no suitable events to attend.


The last gathering was in February 2020 and none of us ever thought there would be a pandemic that would change our livelihoods. Fortunately, things started showing signs of returning to near-normality thanks to the vaccine rollout and the covid-19 positive numbers decreasing. Yours suitably and the Project Inflamed team got together to start planning for the next Suitable Sunday, especially since we’ve been getting a huge demand for a comeback.


It was a challenging task since the restrictions kept going back and forth giving us mixed reactions regarding the possibilities of hosting another Suitable Sunday event. Since its first edition in 2017, the event has grown from strength to strength. It was more than just being suited and booted for the cameras, but a great social networking platform for like-minded sartorial enthusiasts.

Apart from extending conversations from the Suitable man blog, the event has also been a suitable platform for brands to expose themselves through a strategic and engaging manner to a niche market.


We continued with the symposium and this time around was very engaging. We had an honor to have gentlemen who continue to do great in their respective industries, as panelists. We had Siyabonga Ndima who is the creative director and founder of Suits by Bobthestylist & Boys of Soweto. We also had Inga Gubeka, product designer and founder of Inga Atelier, as well as Joe Human who is the brand ambassador of Jameson Irish Whiskey.


The Symposium

Since it was the first time seeing each other ever since the pandemic, it was befitting to start with how we’ve been and how the pandemic has affected us and our work and businesses. Bob mentioned that although it has taken a lot out of their comfort zones, it was important for him and his brand to stay true to the craft.

Not everyone and every business was negatively affected by the pandemic and Inga Atelier was one of those fortunate businesses and he simply said it was not just by support nor association but how he has positioned his brand in a sense that it not only sells locally but internationally too.

He also continued to emphasize on this “emotional blackmail” that some businesses and brands would use in the name of “support black business”. “Brands should believe in their craft and not to be apologetic in their offerings and stop relying on empathy”.

Joe spoke highly of personal image and the power of social media. “It is a powerful tool to put you or your business to greater heights, but it’s also powerful to ruin one’s reputation”. Him being the middleman between brands and people, he preached the importance of authenticity and building bridges for future reference. That makes one attract suitable brands to collaborate with.


The Sponsors

Talk about building bridges, this time we had the pleasure of working with brands which are quite familiar with the Suitable Man brand. We had Twill which is well-known as the one-stop shop for menswear fashion accessories. I recently had the pleasure of working with Bacher & Co. as part of the Lapidus Crew in search for the Face of Lapidus. This was a great opportunity continue the search by bringing Ted Lapidus to Suitable Sunday as guests had an opportunity try the three fragrances and got to learn more about how to enter for the Face of Lapidus competition. Boston Gin kept throats of the guests lubricated as they indulged in this locally crafted Gin. We were also in good hands as our venue host Home of The Bean, made sure we had a nightcap of some of the finest coffees in town. After all the day’s proceedings, the attendees parted ways with a goody bag with Twill ties and a Ted Lapidus Pour Homme Fragrances.


Suitable People

Yours suitably spoke about different summer fabrics as well as fabric patterns on the Suitable Man blog and this event was a suitable occasion for people to show off what they were wearing. Let’s see what some of the suitable people wore this past Sunday-

IMG_6836[1]@consciouscotton & @tshepi_tshumane twining in pink 6×2 DB suits

IMG_6842[1]@sabelo_gabela being a gentleman

IMG_6871[1]@tsoeu_sir & @legendaryafroo

IMG_6847[1]@modisem21 & @mr_inflamed rocking boaters



It’s thanks to these people that people know us and what we do around the world. In as much as smart phones continue to be better by time, photographers sees the artistry that most of us won’t. And it’s more than pressing the shutter, it’s the work that goes in after that shot.


Events are nothing without the people, even the pandemic proved it. Some events tried to keep things closed-doors but it was evident that without the people, it’s never the same. On behalf of the Suitable Man brand as well as Project Inflamed, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was part of the event.

Until next time…

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang



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18 thoughts on “SUITABLE SUNDAY – The Return Of The Sartorial Legion

  1. Great to see you boys back at it again. Keep up the great works boys. So very proud of your class and style. Salute

    1. Thank you so much Mr Cele. It was really great seeing the gentlemen and ladies coming together.

  2. Amazing work. Also did well in giving everyone else the expirience of Lapidus as it is as suitable as the brand itself.

  3. Amazing work. Also did well in giving everyone else the expirience of Lapidus as it is as suitable as the brand itself.

  4. Lovely indulgence you really have been missed Suitableman, your work and the artistry is superb, I love it
    Keep going and pushing we are behind you supporting and loving what you do,
    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much ma’am. Yours suitably missed you and everyone too. That’s why it was necessary to meet again at Suitable Sunday.

  5. They returned, the league of Sartorial warriors with weapons of their choice style and they landed.
    Long live the Sartorial movement.

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