Suitably Fragranced? Skin vs. Clothes


This is probably the most controversial conversation regarding fragrances.

Previously we discussed how the scent of some fragrances would fade away after applying. After that article, I received some interesting comments with that regard. One of the readers mentioned that the scent of his fragrances fluctuates. Meaning some days it’s more potent and last longer than other days. Another reader mentioned that some of the EDTs are more potent and last longer than some EDPs. The most interesting comment/question was which is the best way to apply the fragrance, on the body or the clothes?

After such comments it was befitting to go slightly deeper into the conversation about fragrances. We will look into the above comments as I share my personal view in ways to apply fragrances. We will also explore some of the possible reasons that may lead to getting different responses or results on fragrances.



Remember I did mention it before on the previous article that fragrances are made of aromatic oils? These oils are technically formulated to work with the skin by blending with the body’s natural oils creating a scent that is uniquely yours.

However, and again as I did mention before that not everyone has a fragrant-friendly skin. With that said, some people have easily irritable skins which such oils may cause skin rashes.



Some people find it unfavorable to apply fragrances on clothes but it last longer than on the skin. Regardless weather it’s an EDT/EDP, the skin perspires and after some time the oils washes off. So there won’t be no need to carry your fragrance with you when you’ve applied it on your garment.

On the flipside, some scents tend to stay longer on garments which are not often washed such as jackets and coats.  To make matters worse, fragrances have alcohol liquids which may stain some clothes especially white or light colored garments.


Fragrances come with a price and most of the time a hefty one and you would want to see or rather smell the value for your money. With both Pros and Cons above, it’s clear that applying it on clothes is more effective as long as it’s applied suitably well. Either way, it’s as good as whisky, some enjoy it neat and some enjoy it on the rocks. Below we look at ways of applying fragrance on either skin or clothes.

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Dos (Skin)

  • Apply the fragrance on heated areas or pulse points on your body, such as chest; neck; inner elbows and forearms
  • Apply body lotion or petroleum jelly like Vaseline before you apply your fragrance, it is more effective on oily skin than dry skin

DON’Ts (Skin)

  • Do not rub your fragrance between your skins, it’s not a body lotion it should not be absorbed by the skin but surface on the skin exude the scent.
  • Do not spray it too close to your body, nor too far I suggest not more than 6 inches away and not less than 3 inches closer


DOs (Clothes)

  • Do apply the fragrance on darker tones, or opt for the inside of the jackets

DON’T (Clothes)

  • Don’t mist/shower the fragrance but spritz, as some of the content will fade away in the air and that’s just a waste of a good fragrance.


Throughout my discussions about menswear and gentlemen lifestyle, I’ve always refrained from enforcing “rules” rather sharing some fun facts on different topics. I prefer sharing the history of a particular jacket, rather than telling you how to wear it. However, in this context I was sharing my views and suggestions with regards to the comments from the previous article. Thank you once again for engaging on the comment box. Let’s continue the conversation and share your views below.

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