Scent of a Gentleman


It takes more than just a tailored suit for one to be a suitable gentleman. 

For years, grooming has been overlooked but recently it plays an integral role in completing the package of the gentleman’s lifestyle.   

Evident to that is how iconic fashion brands have evolved through the years in growing their brands from just being a fashion brand a lifestyle brand. 


Ted Lapidus is a suitable example of the above statement. Lapidus was a French designer well known for haute couture designs. He started his own fashion label in 1951, after completing his apprenticeship with Dior. He was one of the very first designers to design a safari suit for men, which gained popularity in Australia in the 1970s. 


As the haute couture market started dropping in the late 70s, he introduced fashion accessories. Fast-forward to the millennium, the brand discontinued haute couture production and by then the fashion accessories and fragrances were doing tremendously well. 

I had an opportunity to experience some of the Ted Lapidus fragrance and fell in love with the Lapidus Pour Homme and decided to share my review of the perfume. 

Lapidus Pour Homme 


Ted Lapidus has wide range of both ladies and gentlemen fragrances and the Lapidus Pour Homme proved to have the essence of a classic yet timeless scent. The true embodiment of a matured gentlemen who is sartorially traditional and authentic. Launched in 1987, it has been one of the wardrobe staples for gentlemen who appreciated luxury. This masculine scent possesses a blend of rich spices, woods and lavender. 


In today’s lifestyle of a modern gentlemen, men owns more than one perfume and the reasons differ immensely. Some prefers to be versatile and keep the scent changing regularly. Others would use specific fragrance for specific occasions, be it work or business or a night out with the gents. There’s even for the extremists who appreciates turning heads and leaving their presence even after they’ve left the room. 


A Ted Lapidus Pour Homme is an Eau de Toilette which is a light spray that gives the user a pleasant scent with a touch of class, elegance and sophistication. Fragrances are as good as whiskies or wines, there’s a variety that suits different tastes and personalities and Ted Lapidus is one of the brands that gives you a buffet of choice. Keeping with the times, the Pour Homme comes with a package that includes an All-In-One Shampoo; After-Shave Balm; and Deodorant Spray. 


In continuing with the grooming instalment, I will be sharing more with regards to fragrances and the differences. For more from Ted Lapidus, visit or alternatively go to   

Until next time 

Suitably Yours 

Brian Lehang 


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13 thoughts on “Scent of a Gentleman

  1. Wow this is breath taking and very educational for women as well. I would like to smell you wearing the scent.

  2. That’s a classic cologne right there’
    Has that aromatic fresh-clean and woody blends
    Reminds me as well of English Blazer

    Suitable for ambitious and sophisticated gentlemen.

    1. Of all the collection that Ted Lapidus has, the Pour Homme is still the brand’s icon

  3. Wow! 😅🤣 Ted Lapidus 👌🏾 used to be popular in the 90’s when Edgars was the Gucci store of our generation. I remember my first job at Eskom 1994 and how excited I was that I could finally afford it.

    1. I am flattered at how the older gents have so much fond memories of this fragrance and more so, some are still using it till today…now that’s what I call timeless

  4. We learn something new every day thank you for educating us👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  5. You can never go wrong with this one, I use this myself and I can assure you it’s worth every cent.

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