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Suitable Fabrics for Winter Weathers

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Last summer we discussed fabrics suitable for the scorching weathers. Although we may still be experiencing sunny weathers, we are in the middle autumn and closely moving towards the cooler months of winter. With that said, it is befitting to look into fabrics suitable for the cold months ahead. 


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This textile has unique pattern with visible fine stripes of cordlike treads, giving the fabric a ripped feel on the outside and a smooth finish on the inside. This is quite a heavy fabric and can be used to make trousers; jackets and coats. It is rumoured that the word corduroy is derived from the French, “corde du roi” implying “King’s cord”, while countries such as Sweden still call this fabric Manchester.  


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This is one of the old textiles dating back in the 17th centuryIt is a soft woven fabric that was used to make shirts with a tartan pattern. Tartan is a pattern synonymous with the Scottish regalia such as the kilt. This fuzzy textile is also used to make blankets. I’m certain we’re familiar with those checked throws that our mothers used to hang over their shoulders or below their waists, they were made of flannel textiles. Today you find a wide variety of flannels to make any garment, even accessories suitable for the winter weathers. 


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A tough and tightly woven fabric that is mostly used for outerwear garments such as rain coats; fatigues and even workman overalls. The fabric was invented by the founder of the brand Burberry, Thomas Burberry in the 18th century. However, the name was used earlier in the 15th century referring to a particular garment but later on Thomas patented the name to this particular fabric. The signature Burberry trench coat was initially made using 100% cotton gabardine and it is still the same fabric even today.    


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A tweed fabric is the most famous textile synonymous with winter. It is a rough closely woven fabric that can be found in different patterns such as houndstooth or herringbone. This fabric was mostly used to make hunting uniform, jackets such as Norfolk were made using this fabric.  


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A velvet fabric is one of the most luxurious textiles because it was initially made from silk making the fabric very expensive. It is still very rare to find pure velvet due to it being expensive, but today velvet can be in a blend of rayon; viscose and even polyester. This fabric has soft and smooth finish and famously used for dinner jackets. Some winter coats use velvet as lining to give the wearer extra warms with a fineness finish. 

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In the olden days garments used to be called by fabric names, which has faded away in recent times. Fabrics are the most intricate topics to learn and understand by just reading about them. Which means one needs to see and feel them to know the difference and understand further why there’s winter and summer fabrics. There are plenty more fabrics out there and I hope after reading, you’ll start paying attention to fabrics and spotting the distinct differences.  

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