Suitable Places To Visit Post Lockdown

Things are looking positive and quite optimistic that the country is opening its doors as we heading to Alert Level One.

The last time we went out and about was last summer and ever since the pandemic hit our shores, we’ve been cooped up indoors and not able to travel. After such a long break and since it is Tourism Month, it’s befitting I share a few place that are suitable to visit during this month and going forward post-lockdown.

Museums & Art Galleries


It may sound boring but it’s one of the few places that can be visited and not worry about social distancing and overcrowding. Lockdown restrictions may be eased but that doesn’t mean Covid19 is gone, visiting such establishments is quite ideal as you don’t have to touch any surfaces of objects. It sounds cliché but such places you get to learn a thing or two. Museum’s I’d recommend are Apartheid Museum; and Ditsong Museum of Military History.

Parks & Botanical Gardens


Another place to visit without any worries of being in contact with crowds of people. An intimate picnic away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, with friends or family and still cost effective. A perfect place to recuperate; reflect; and reminisce the good old days before the pandemic changed lives. Recommended parks would be The Zoo Lake and Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.

Flea Markets


Nothing new and rather quite an obvious choice. We’ve been going to shopping malls since childhood, so something vibrant and authentic won’t hurt the bank account. The food and beverages are so uniquely and freshly prepared in your presence. You can also leave with a souvenir or two. There’s plenty of markets around Johannesburg such as Arts on Main; and Farmers Market just to name a couple.

Hiking Trails & Boot Camps


Another outing away from the city with a breath of fresh air. Since gyms have been closed, a lot have opted for this route and it has proved to be beneficially healthy. Although gyms are now open, it is still a good option to stay close to nature and maintain social distancing. Some people still think words such as Nature Reserve are for places far away from the city. However, there’s trails close by such as Melville Koppies Nature Reserve and The Wilds Nature Reserve.


Coming out of this lockdown has left some broke with no income, so such places are quite pleasant and still affordable. I know a lot of the blog’s readers are quite familiar with some of the mentioned spots but it would also be nice to share the word with those friends and families that never tried them. I am planning on trying some and I must say I am looking forward to being out and about after so long.

Share places that’s worth visiting post lockdown and why on the comment box below.

Until next time…

Yours Suitably

Brian Lehang


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12 thoughts on “Suitable Places To Visit Post Lockdown

  1. These look like very great spots to be out and about at without fear of still contracting covid.looking forward to trying these outings

  2. Due to go out for a trail Run next weekend with my cousin,I’m not fond of trail runs and prefer road running but will join him,twice a month on these trail runs until March to brake away from my weekly routine of Road Running.Just to enjoy the scenery and views 🤗🤗🤗🤗……

    1. I once did a trail run at Jackal Creek Golf Estate. It was loads of fun. It’s gonna be worth it.

  3. Appreciate the blog so much brother. We not in the clear yet but such instills positivity for things to look forward too.

    Thanks again brother 👊🏽

    1. I am hoping we get a few showers so it blows the dust away then I can try hiking😁

  4. Thanks my brother for the heads up, I actually love trail running I used to do it a lot at Nature reserve absolutely loved it. I’d like to go back to those wonderful days again.

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