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Timeless Jackets Suitable for the Winter Lockdown

We are still on lockdown and itโ€™s still winter here in the southern hemisphere, and since thatโ€™s still the case our usual suits and staff like that are still under lockdown. As promised, from the article of jackets and coats, we are now looking at more jackets but those that are deemed to be casual.

Denim Jacket


Tshepo Mohlala of Tshepo Jeans

This is probably the most versatile outerwear jacket that can be worn throughout all the seasons. It is traditionally designed with two chest pockets and it can either have buttons or a zipper to close it off in cooler conditions.

Biker Jacket


From left: Lizwe; Modise; Austin & Mandla of Project Inflamed

As the name say, it was made popular by bikers. This jacket is made from leather fabric and its uniqueness comes with multiple metallic components such as zippers and buttons and some are not functional. More so, the jacket is traditionally cropped to the waist with the jacket sleeves being longer than the jacket length.

Military Jacket


Brian Lehang of Suitable Man

This jacket is the least popular of them all but it has made its way into a lot of gentlemenโ€™s wardrobes. The inspiration from this jacket comes from the military uniforms which of course differs from nations and military status. There are those that are formal like the one depicted above and there are those that are quite simple and casual.

Bomber Jacket


Jonathan of Milan Style

Also known as the Flight Jacket, it was a jacket worn by the US Air Force pilots. Traditionally made in a canvas fabric, it is also waist length with an elastic fabric on the waist and cuffs. With a blade collar style, the bomber has a zipper and today comes in different types of fabrics like suede or corduroy.



Erik Mannby of Plaza Uomo

This is for extreme cold conditions, with a canvas finish on the outside it is filled with down or synthetic fibres for extra warmth. The parker also comes with a fur-lined hood which some are detachable from the jacket.

Pea Coat


Simon Crompton of Permanent Style

Traditionally made for sailors, the Pea Coat is a short-length coat designed in a double breasted style. Since it is a coat, it is made in a thick and heavy wool fabric and usually darker tones such as black or navy.

Shearling Jacket


Gabriel Akinosho of Albert Clothing

Here is another stylish jacket with a leather finish. The Shearling jacketโ€™s distinct part is the inner detail which is made of sheep wool all the way to the collar. This jacket can withstand the colds without having to wear multilayers.


Yet again, not all of these jackets are our cup of tea, but the most interesting part is that all these jacket are also worn by ladies. I can safely say that I only own one jacket from the above list, but I am looking at getting myself a couple of these jackets to incorporate in my everyday ensembles. Which one would you like to see me wearing?

Until next time, stay home and stay warm.

Yours Suitably

Brian Lehang



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