Classic Boots to Stay Suitably Warm This Winter

Being under lockdown and now that winter is showing its claws, a lot of our wardrobe staples have also been under lockdown. After looking at loafers and dress shoes at large, the occasion is befitting to take a closer look at men boots.

Since there is nowhere to go the OOTD has taken a whole detour and we’ve gone rustic casual. So with that said we’ll look at some boots that we can rock and still look suitably relevant to go get essentials and stay warm in style.

Chelsea Boot


Making its come-back from the dress shoes article is the Chelsea and just to remind you if you forgot or didn’t know, a Chelsea was originally a woman’s shoe. It was first worn and made popular by Queen Victoria and like they say, “the rest was history”. A Chelsea can be in a leather or suede finish, but the interesting part of this boot is the elastic fabrics on the sides to enable flexibility when wearing the shoe since it doesn’t have laces.

Jodhpur Boot


Chelsea’s cooler cousin, comes with either the zip or belt mechanism and sometimes even both. Unlike the classic Chelsea, the Jodhpur has seen endless designs making a bold statement when paired with cropped pants. This boot made slim and skinny jeans look cool.

Brogue Boot


I’d like to believe we know what is brogue, but just to refresh our memory it is a decorative design style that is visible on the front or vamp of the shoe. This type of shoe or rather boot is made with multiple layers and patterns of leather and sometimes with a touch of tweed fabric and all the parts are sewed together giving the shoes a rugged feel.

Chukka Boot


Also called a desert boot, the Chukka is arguably the most laid back of them all. It is also the shortest boot with minimal eye leads, the shoe lace mechanism is probably the same as the boat loafer.  One of the reasons the Chukka is laid back is seen on its flat rubbery sole. This boot is traditionally made in a suede finish.

Cow Boy Boot


It may originate in Texas, USA but this is undoubtedly the most famous and noticeable boot in the whole world. It’s easily spotted with the decorative stitching and the pointy front. This is another boot with no laces or strap mechanism, its baggy top makes it easier to wear. Another distinct feature is the elevated and tilted heel which tones down the macho feel with a feminine finish.

Trench Boot


The name comes from the trench coat and if you remember about trench from the types of jackets article, and just like the coat it was also a boot worn during World War I. The boot is the same as the Brogue but this one is rather plain throughout the whole vamp.

Balmoral Boot


Another historic boot which was first designed for Prince Albert. As much as boots are macho and rugged, the Balmoral is the most sophisticated and classy with its narrow silhouette. It’s basically an Oxford shoe elevated to a boot with an interesting upper that mostly comes in a tweed fabric. This technic was made to blend or camouflage the upper of the boots to look like the wearer’s pants

Like with other previous articles, not all the menswear items are my cup of tea and I’m sure I’m not the only one. However, it is always good to know such items by name and to be able to spot the difference. I’m not always in suits even before the lockdown and although I wouldn’t personally pair a suit with most of these boots, but I can definitely rock a couple with a pair of chinos or jeans. And yes! I do own a pair of jeans.

Until next time, stay suited and booted

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang


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  1. Thank you for sharing, I’m blessed by this info it enlighten my knowledge concerning shoes coz I love shoes

    Suitable Man✊🏾

    1. Like they say, “knowledge is power”. Thanks for reading and learning.

    1. Well, I find them tricky to style especially with a suit, unless of course you have a pair with narrower silhouette such as a balmoral. “Different strokes for different folks”

  2. Cool looks you can come up with these boots. Thanks for the information as sometimes you might have a sense of style but not know what’s what. Danko mzala

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