Life in Golf before Lockdown


Royal Johanneburg & Kensington Golf Club Clubhouse & putting green

The above image of an empty Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club with no golfers is the current reality of the golfing world. It has been over 50days since the lockdown begun and I took some time to reflect on life on the golf course before the lockdown, due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Although 60% of my time was spent on the golf course, I was not only out there playing but that was my 9-2-5. If I was not working I would be playing and in as much as I enjoyed being out there, this is how much it would cost in general for a round of golf.


The Good Old Days. Golfers at halfway house enjoying each other’s company


Getting to the golf course would either be with your private vehicle which would cost an average of R 100.00 petrol depending on the distance of the destination. Uber would range from R 100.00 – R 200.00 and probably 50% less when using public transport.

Green fees and other payable fees


An on-course golf shop where green fees are paid by golfers

That’s the fee one pays for a round of golf. Rates differ from weekdays to weekends and other types of golf affiliation statuses. An affiliating member would pay an average of R 300.00 when playing one of the top 20 courses in the region. Golf cart or caddie fee ranges around R 300.00 as well, which a cart fee can be split in two. It may be less costly as opposed to a caddie but it defeats the purpose of the initial exercise.

Food & Beverage


The New normal. An empty halfway house

During a full round of 18 holes, there is halfway house where golfers go after 9 holes and get some refreshments. A halfway meal with a drink ranges from R 50.00 to R150.00 per person. After 18 holes which is about 4-5 hours, there’s the 19thhole which is about an hour or more. This is where golfers would celebrate or drown their sorrows after the 18 holes. That’s the bar or restaurant where one would either grab a drink or two or maybe add some snacks. This would depend on what kind of a drink would one get but it would generally bill you at around R 100.00 – R 200.00.

Unexpected & Unplanned Expenses


Merchandize of golf apparel in a golf shop

It happens that one forgets one or two things when going to play golf and sometimes we leave other things behind as we may see them unnecessary on the day. Things such as sunscreen lotion; a cap; a rag (towel); umbrella; fleece; balls and other perishable accessories can cost from as little as R 50.00 to R500.00. There’s more, such as souvenirs which one falls for impulsively before and even after the round.


The 19thHole. A modern clubhouse restaurant and bar.

So with all the above costs mentioned, a regular golfer with an active club membership plays at least once a week. Bear in mind that being an active member means that one subscribes to a particular golf club which has annual subs to pay, and those also differ on the type of membership. To some golfers, the sport is more than a recreational activity, it’s an investment. With that said, some even opt on going for practice sessions once or twice week. This may even include a paid lesson with a golf instructor which ranges from R 300.00 for half an hour. There may be other monthly expenses that are indirectly linked to this game such as gym and/or personal trainer fees.


A lady golfer getting golf lessons from a golf instructor on the driving range.

As bad as it may look and sound that we’ve been prisoners in our own homes due to this pandemic in efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19, golfers have arguably saved a lot in this instance.

How much have you saved during the lockdown and which were your unfortunate investments before the outbreak?

Hope to hear from you soon…

Until next time, stay home and stay safe.

Yours Suitably

Brian Lehang


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13 thoughts on “Life in Golf before Lockdown

  1. Life before lockdown. Would love to have a play after this lockdown 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    1. Life is not going to be the same SK but we gonna have to adjust to the new normal.

    2. Life is not going to be the same SK but we gonna have to adjust to the new normal.

  2. Life before lockdown…what a nice review. There is absolutely no place for me that I enjoy so much than being on the golf course. Golf courses have the greatest atmosphere, I can’t wait to get back I miss the crisp sounds of a well struck shot and sinking those long putts on them sleek greens.

    1. I think every golfer can relate to your statement. Until then, we just gonna have to stay sane and hope for good health and stay positive.

  3. What a great article Brian. Keep them coming. Like many other die hards, I cant wait get back on the fairways (and roughs!!)

    1. I’m sure those fishes in the dams are at peace with no disruptions of golf balls intruding. *LOL* life will never be the same after this but life will still vary on with or without Covid19

  4. After reading this article, now i understand the finer details that are involved with being a golfer

    1. There’s more to it but all I can say is stick around and yours suitably will keep you informed.

    1. Always! I must say I appreciate my fashion society showing interest in my life in the golfing world.

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