The beginning of 2020 our passion to what we do sparked with ambition, enthusiasm and optimism. Filled with positivity we had already anticipated a new decade of greatness.

Unfortunately, everything took a drastic turn. Not just here at home but the whole world. We woke up to a mass distractive terror of Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19. Dubbed as the World War Three, it has brought the world into a standstill.

Apart from the financial and economic impact of this pandemic, it has taken away our humanity. Ever since this outbreak, we have adopted unusual habits. Typical hugs and hand-shakes are prohibited. A slight cough or sneeze in public is as good as firing gunshots.

Although Suitable Man is a menswear fashion and gentlemen lifestyle blog, I decided to digitally link up with one dandy gentleman to school me about this pandemic because this has affected all of us. Tony Maake is a micro biologist; photographer and a creative influencer. My conversation with Tony was quite long and had to be divided into at least 2 episodes and this first part may not be about the blog’s usual storytelling but worth a read.




Brian Lehang: Mr Maake, how have you been?

Tony Maake: Can’t complain brother. I’m just tired from work, yourself?

Brian Lehang: I’m surviving brother. I’m assuming you part of the essential workers

Tony Maake: Yes, with long extended hours

Brian Lehang: Oh wow! It sounds hectic

Tony Maake: Somebody has to do it brother

Brian Lehang: Since you are a micro biologist and we are having this outbreak, are you part of the efforts to find solutions or you specialize in something different?

Tony Maake: I specialize in something different, virologists I’m most likely the one to find the cure, and also equipment that I use has an impact

Brian Lehang: Wow! I’m guessing this is why you are forced to work overtime, trying to find solutions of this virus

Tony Maake: I’m more on analyzing and testing the cause of bacteria and viruses. If and/or when a patient gets infected with a certain disease I test and analyze what bacteria or virus it is.

Brian Lehang: I have been glued to the news both locally and internationally to get a full understanding of this virus. I’d like to believe you know more in detail, scientifically and how deadly is this virus?

Tony Maake: Since It has spread worldwide, and has drastically reduced the world’s population it can be regarded as a deadly virus. Covid-19 is a new strain of Coronavirus caused by SARS and MERS. If Coronavirus keeps mutating it creates a new strain, hence the movie Contagion is mostly based on Coronaviruses that were discovered long ago such as SARS and MERS but not specifically Covid-19.


Brian Lehang: What are SARS and MERS? I’m already thinking how the South African Revenue Service involved in this pandemic

Tony Maake: No, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome); MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) or EMC/2012; COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) are strains (diseases) under one umbrella of Coronavirus.

Brian Lehang: So this means Coronavirus has been around for years hence there’s been a movie of the virus but not necessarily COVID-19?

Tony Maake: Correct. There’s more, Coronavirus is a Family name, then under that family name there are family members and other family members keep giving birth, hence now we see the birth of COVID-19

Brian Lehang: Interesting



Tony Maake: That’s a phylogenetic family tree of Coronavirus

Brian Lehang: Wow! So, did these other ones have an outbreak?

Tony Maake: Some did, but it was nationally contained and some even managed to find vaccines and cures



Brian Lehang: This thing looks scary

Tony Maake: That’s the Coronavirus under election microscope. Once it sits on body cells, it multiplies itself

Brian Lehang: So is Covid-19 deadlier than all of them?

Tony Maake: According to the amount of fatalities recorded globally, it is so far by far the deadliest

Brian Lehang: So what did China do to combat this outbreak?

Tony Maake: I think discipline. Having had such an outbreak before they didn’t take it lightly, and responded with urgency. They just went straight to Shutdown rather than lockdown

Brian Lehang: With that said, it means this lockdown was very much necessary?

Tony Maake: It’s simple, the more we move the high chances of the virus increasing and spreading. So if we stop moving, that’s one of the ways we can fight the virus. Consequently the lockdown might be even longer

Brian Lehang: You recon Mzansi can be affected like those northern hemisphere nations

Tony Maake: Due to comparing the speed and the growth rate, I doubt it but it will have an impact if the lockdown restrictions are not adhered.

Brian Lehang: It’s scary how powerful nations such as the USA are severely affected, yet they are in dispute to open the country.

Tony Maake: Unfortunately for them the worst is yet to come, and although not all the states will be re-opening but those few will ultimately affect the neighboring states and this will be catastrophic.

Brian Lehang: Wow! So our government enforces laws and policies for the whole country but in the US each state makes their own legislations.

Tony Maake: Sadly, when things go south they will affect the whole country and President Trump will have to take the blame.

————————————————————-To Be Continued——————————————————-

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Until next time, stay safe at home

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang


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  1. I have a question.

    Tony Maake: Some did, but it was nationally contained and some even managed to find vaccines and cures.

    So why can’t they use the vaccines they found I see if it would have the same impact

    1. Hi Zandile So, it was a lot easier to do isolation and contact tracing with SARS, because if you were infected, then it was quite obvious. And so SARS really went away because of public health measures. But with COVID-19 it’s much harder to find and track those who are infected. It’s a good thing that it’s less deadly than SARS and MERS, but the [higher] transmissibility makes it much more difficult to control. And again Viruses creates a new strain once they have mutated meaning most of the the time it’s impossible to use one vaccine for another viruses newly mutated simply because its also carries new genome.

  2. Yah hey this was a read and a half. 👊🏾and insightful too. Deserves many shares. Getting first hand knowledge from one of us who is in the first line of defense against this virus. 🙏🏼

    This Suitable movement is not in vain at all.

  3. Kgosi
    Writing down this article I even had to go to the internet and do more research as it was just getting more and more interesting. I can safely say, it’s one of most interesting conversations I had so far by far.

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