Relax fellas, we not talking about that knot, a necktie knot. A tie is the most iconic and timeless accessory and probably almost every man owns at least one. Sometime last year we spoke about different dress shirt collars and promised to go into detail with the tie knots that are suitable for certain collars. Let’s look into the following tie knots and their suitable shirt collar.



It’s the simplest knots of them all. This knot was made back in the olden days by drivers of the carriages, but with a scarf. They would actual make the knot with one hand while the other hand was controlling the carriage and that’s how the name came about. Due to its narrow symmetrical shape, it fits well with a forward point and button down, just to name a few.



Often known as a knot named after the Duke of Windsor, King Edward VIII. Also known as the full Windsor, it’s much wider and has a triangular shape. As big as the knot is, it fits well with a cutaway collar.

Half Windsor


It’s the most made knot especially by gentlemen in the corporate world. This knot has a neat and triangular symmetrical shape, however it not as wide as the Full Windsor. A spread collar dress shirt suits this knot better.

Prince Albert


Same as the Windsor, it was named after the Prince himself, but no evidence shows of him rocking this style. The Prince Albert knot is a variation of a Victoria Knot. However, the knot is so exclusive and not a lot of gents go for it because of its complexity. This knot is almost like a double four-in-hand but it’s still narrow, which also suits a closed collar such as a forward point or tap.

Now in the modern era of “Sprezzatura”, gents take risks and play around with their style staples. You can also play along by pairing a wide collar with a narrow knot and forget about conforming to the norms. Whichever way you are mixing them, make sure the collar ends always stay flush on the shirt and don’t look like a wing-tip.

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6 thoughts on “TYING THE KNOT

  1. Thanks for sharing ,may I please ask does changing of knots goes with the mood or types of shirt collars

    1. On a normal occasion it goes with the shirt collar, however one can still go with the mood of the day and play around, as long as you don’t do a wide knot with a closed or narrow collar.

  2. That was when I Learned to tie the knot with the help of the master, from that day I jus ran with it en I have to say all my ties r well knotted.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👊🏽👔👔👔

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