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Suitable Bags for a Gentleman

Men are now elevating their look and style, taking things to the next level. It’s more than just looking good but also being practical. Looking at a model on the runway or a mannequin on display, both will never have contents in the trouser pockets. Men are now wearing trimmed suits and having things in the pockets just makes one look untidy. Let’s look at the bag family that every gentleman should familiarize themselves with and at least own a couple.

Wallet & Card Holder



The smallest and the most convenient of the family tree. They may not carry much but they certainly do carry the most important goods. From bank cards to identification cards and sometimes a few bank notes. I bet if one loses one of these, he’ll be miserable for quite some time.

Portfolio & Clutch



These two are the bigger versions of the above-mentioned family members. Although they both different in the looks and functionalities, they serve the same purpose of having a bigger room to stash more stuff. The word “clutch” rings a bell to a lot as a female accessory bag, but times have changed and now men owns similar bags with a macho yet elegant finish. Usually these two come in a size of an A4 page or even smaller, that’s pretty much how the name (portfolio) came about, as they can file a few pages like portfolio.




The messenger is the older and matured brother of the backpack. Unlike the backpack, this one has a single strap and you can carry a laptop and other documents you would carry in a backpack. They come in different makes, from a canvas to a leather finish and some plain and others with extra pockets for items such a cell phone and wallet.




It’s the simplest yet still as functional just like all the above and more. Tote means “to carry”, this bag was used to replace plastic shopping bags and now men and women use it to complete their stylish looks. One can say it’s the dull bag in the family as it only has handles and no other compartments, except the one where you stash anything and everything.

Weekender & Duffel



Although they may look different, but these two twin bags serve the same purpose. These can either be used for sporting purposes, just to keep clean clothes after golf or gym. They can also be used for overnight stays visiting friends and family. They both come in canvas and leather and the nicer part about most of these bags is the separate compartment for shoes.




This one is for weekend away trips and depending how big it is and how much you pack, it can even be for the whole week away from home. Although there are those with a soft shell, the hard case is mostly preferred to protect your goods from rain water and other unknown potential damages.




This one has got nothing to do with style but it’s a must-have for every gentleman, especially when going away or even for sporting purposes. Nothing fancy about this one as it just carries all the necessities one needs for a shower or a bath.

Like I usually say from my previous posts, one doesn’t need to have all of them, but we can all agree that some of them are a must-have. The bag family is one big family, share below which other members that deserves to be noted in complimenting a gentleman’s look.


Until next time…

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang


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  1. This article is extremely vital. A bag is one of the most important elements that a gentleman should have.

  2. Great article 👌 and nicely packed. Most of these bags are a must have for a gentleman.

  3. I’ve recently started collecting the clutch bags. I must say, they really come in handy.

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