We just got back from the season of giving and sharing. Unfortunately, it’s the same for me every year regardless the occasion and I’m sure there’s more gents that can relate. I always get an excuse that “I’m fussy; expensive; and complicated for one to buy me a gift. The year has started and in a couple of weeks it’s Valentine’s Day, that followed by other special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Here are few tips that can help you get a simple and yet perfect gift for that special gentleman without breaking the bank.



This may sound boring but it’s the simplest and most cost effective. Not just a “gentleman” but everyone could do with new stationary every year. A new dairy; a note pad and even a pair of pens always come in handy for meetings or admin work.

Man Bag


Another obvious choice and yes men do carry bags now. It’s obvious because you might have seen him carrying one. There’s plenty of bag types to choose from but not all of them are everyone’s taste. Simply go for something similar to what he has, but different colour and texture.

Grooming Products


Such consumables always runout and at times it happens unaware, so it’s always good to have some stashed for days like these. There’s also a toiletry bag that must always be full for sporting activities or just going away for a day or two.

Menswear Essentials


These ones tend to be tricky for a few reasons. One of them is people tend to think we already have; some think our clothes are expensive; but the worst is assuming they all the same. Just go for the simplest items like accessories, we can never have enough of them. It’s simple, just go through his pictures and see which ones he wears the most. If you don’t see him wearing it, that means it’s not his style.

After-Care Products


These items are of great importance and says a lot about the buyer. These are products that takes good care of the investments that he already bought. Shoe care products, every gentleman owns more than two pairs of dress shoes and they’ll always need a spa treatment. You can also add items such as a lint remover and brush for a quick and convenient cleaning of the jackets and coats.


Afterall it’s a thought that counts and “A” for trying. However, if you get it right in this department, you’ll forever be in the good books. I am certain there’s a whole lot more that gents have on their wish-list, since we different and have different tastes. Kindly share yours on the comments below.

Until next time…

Suitably Yours



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  1. I would do with a gift right now especially from my lady … I hope ladies r checking this article so that they can buy staff for their men

  2. This article is extremely vital to both gentlemen and ladies. It gives both an edge of things that can be suggested. It’s true how women think gentlemen are expensive but it’s the little details that makes a difference in a man’s daily lifestyle.

    A pair of socks ,a pair of suspenders,a tie clip, a set of products that contain stuff like hair brush ,nail clippers,or an extra toiletry bag are vital for man. All these depending on his style ofcause.

    1. Choaro
      You are on point brother. Indeed there’s so much that we can get as gifts and endless ideas that are simple yet suitable for every gentleman.

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