The Ryder Cup is upon us and this is arguably the greatest team challenge of all time. What makes it so unique is that, there is no prize money for the winners. It’s the pride of the nations.


Needless to say I’ve always been a fan of fashion on the fairways. On regular golf tours we get to see all our favourites cloaked in their respective golfing brands. Some even have signature colours and styles. Gary Player also known as the Black Knight, would always wear the colour black from head to toe. The late Payne Stewart was the only professional golfer in the modern era that was rocking knickers and long socks and still looked relevant then. Tiger Woods always wore a signature red shirt and black pants on the last day of the tournament.


With Ryder Cup being a team competition, it goes without saying that everyone in the team will be cloaked in the same ensemble. This simply means everybody will be wearing the same brand, style and colour. Being the average pro golfer I’m a firm believer of the “look-good-feel-good” effect because ultimately when one feels good, plays good.


Seeing that the European team always dominated the Ryder Cup, one would start to wonder if it had something to do with what the American team wore. Well, whenever my philosophic effect is not being put into practice I would justify it by saying “if the golf is not good, at least look good”.


Without taking any sides, after all I’m just an African but then the Europeans always came out victorious with their looks, compared to their American rivals. Although that was never part of the competition but one could not ignore the fact that the American’s past uniforms was one of those to forget more than the loss on the golf course


The maroon shirt with picture frames of the past American Ryder Cup teams they wore in Brooklyn “99. It was so bad even Tiger admitted to have burnt the shirt after the tournament. Although they won with those hideous shirts, I bet the Europeans didn’t feel too bad as they looked better. Then it went from bad to worse with the college look-a-like track-suits/rain-suits they wore at Celtic Manor the following year. It was bad enough that the “rain-suits” had the players’ names printed at the back, they couldn’t stand the rain.


Fortunately Ralph Lauren came to the rescue and things started looking up for the Americans. Although the golf was not that great, they looked way better than the previous years and the future of the American team was starting to look promising.


The 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles in Scotland kick-started with fast-forward fashion statements on the fairways. Even though the Americans earned their stripes with their fresh new looks, the Europeans’ wardrobe department was simply under par. Stripes was the order of the day for the Americans, but the Europeans countered with Glenmuir garments embodying the Scottish Flag, paying tribute to the host nation.


The Ryder Cup went back to American soil, the “look-good-feel-good” effect had kicked in for the host nation and they won the prestigious cup at Hazeltine “16. The teams are now ready to battle it out at Le Golf National in France. It’s been confirmed that Calvin Green will be dressing the European team and Ralph Lauren will still be dressing the Americans.


Looking forward to seeing the looks and of course how the guys play with and against each other. Furthermore, I’m also looking forward to seeing the die-hard fans in their own unique uniforms.
Until next time, stay swinging with style…
Suitably Yours
Brian Lehang

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