A Gentleman’s Drink?


Spring is always that time of the year when we come out of hibernation and start going out and trying out new and fresh things.

It’s amazing how things have changed with time, what one drink used to socially classify their calibre. There’s always been a wide variety in alcohol beverage, from beer; spirits; wines; ciders and even the home brewed.


Through the years we continued to see local and international brands coming with new and trendy collections of beverages. Competition among brands became high and the consumer’s choices kept changing frequently. Although it may not always be seen as a good beverage in our societies, but it has contributed in the economic growth of the country. It has also continued to be one of the sources of celebration for all sorts of occasions. Whether it was for a celebration or not, there were types of beverages that were socially associated with specific gender. For instance, beer was known as a “man’s drink” so when a woman was seen drinking beer, she was misconceived for not being a “lady” and was labelled all sorts of negative names. Same with men when seen drinking ciders, they were regarded as “girly” simply because of consuming a lighter and sweeter drink. Today there’s even more exotic and colourful drinks yet some still see it as a sin for a men to be sipping such drinks.


Nowadays with the standard of living changing for the better and brighter, men have shifted from the traditional beer to sipping high-end drink such as whiskies and champagnes. For some men it was not just a trend but has always been a drink of choice for decades. We have also seen and heard about whisky tasting events and it has become a lifestyle for discerning gentlemen. It’s not just a “status” thing but more of a collector’s item as they would collect different brands and types to archive. Spirits are like colognes, they come at a relatively high price. However some just drink spirits simply because it looks cool and they can afford it. It’s the very same bunch that would go shopping top luxury brands just to “fit in”. It goes back to knowing and respecting brands, I was one of those that would buy an expensive bottle just to look important. It was after a while when I took the liberty to learn more about the brand and its products that I felt I didn’t do justice to the bottle, it was just an expensive bottle.Picture4

Things have changed quite drastically, men have continued to increase numbers in apparel shopping and now they’re adding new items on their bucket list. One of those are wines and they are continuing the same pattern of collecting them and even installing special shelves to archive these new items. With the mind-set of the stereotype slowing changing and adapting to modern day living, men are arguably preferring wine over whisky. For simple reasons yet making sense, the obvious one was the fact that wine goes down well while dining. Some say it’s a safe drink when eating out and still having to drive, it reduces possible mistakes on the road and definitely a traffic fine or prosecution. Some men continue to be health conscious and they also believe doctors saying red wine is good for the heart.


Similar to whiskies, wines also come in different types such as sparkling wines and now we’ve also seen this type growing from being a celebratory drink to a drink for any occasion. It’s a welcome drink at some events and some simply down it with a late morning meal (brunch). I still love my spirits as they have a rich history and heritage, that’s why I have so much respect for them. How they are made and the generations that went past in crafting the finest drink that is so timeless and ages well with time. However there’s absolutely nothing wrong in trying out something new and different. It’s as good as knowing all types of dress shoes or classic hats, not all of them may be your cup of coffee.


Whichever way we look at it, what we drink shouldn’t classify who we are. It’s as good as playing golf, it doesn’t necessarily mean playing the game one is a gentleman, it can be simply because one can afford to. We are allowed to explore and experiment as long as we don’t overindulge, a gentleman always drinks responsibly.

Until next time, Cheers!

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang



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