What would a pair of lace-ups be without a pair of socks?

Socks have always been considered as underwear garments, but through the past decade they have been revolutionized. However with me socks have their fair share of history in my upbringing. Having grew up in a family where I was the last born, I had to inherit pants from my older brother. Regardless how quick I grew, I had to wear them and in those days I would be the laughing stock of my peers. Socks became a lifesaver from the mockery of my friends, as I used them to camouflage my “cropped by default” pants.




It’s funny how something that was seen as absurd back then has become a trend in modern menswear fashion and style. We are in that era where men would literally tailor the length of their pants just above the ankle. Some men would go to extremes of folding their pants just so they can show off their colourful socks.

With all that said, there’s more to socks than just blossoming with colour, there’s fabric; fit; comfort; detail; and of course length. Talk about the latter, the only time I saw below knee high socks was with school or football socks. It’s true when they say “traveling broadens one’s view of things”. It has certainly done that with me, as I got the opportunity to see and learn more from brands with long and rich history.




Attending Pitti Uomo and seeing all these amazing brands and most of them offering the same product, but of course they all have a distinctive signature. I came across Bresciani socks and went back and did my thorough research. It always fascinates me that there can be a company that specializes in such a small and overlooked item and still be in existence for close to five decades.

The brand was first established by Mario Bresciani in 1970, opening the first factory in Mantova, Italy. After 10 years in the business they changed the name from Mario Bresciani snc sock factory to Calzificio M Bresciani srl. He even started collaborating with stylists to add their expertise and come up with the best products they can offer the market. Paying attention to detail all their socks are hand-linked fusing old-school yarns and computerized technology to bring the highest quality.




After years of experience in craftsmanship they offer a whole variety of socks from cotton, wool, cashmere, hemp, silk and even linen. Bresciani 1970 brand is internationally well-known as one of the best sock makers, supplying Europe; USA; Middle and the Far East.





On the style point of view, Bresciani 1970 has every colour to blend with both the shoes as well as the pants. Socks are as good as cufflinks, they add spice into one’s look but they don’t necessarily have to be shown off, they’ll pop out naturally.





From the bold & beautiful to the peaceful & powerful, they have it all. Visit their page https://bresciani.it and also see more on their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/bresciani1970/

Until next time, stay stylish

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang



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