We can all agree that grooming is part of a gentleman’s lifestyle.
However I am also certain that we all have relative stories when grooming was more like chores. Well personally growing up I was never a fan of any body hair, but unfortunately it was something inevitable. As much as I worshiped my skin I always wished not to have beard, as I saw the after effects of shaved beard on men’s faces.
Fortunately I didn’t get blessed with beard like my peers. Although I didn’t have beard to shave I still had hair on my head that I always had to shave. That in itself was too much admin. After that, I looked clean and neat but that was until the real problem starts. Since I was not a hair fan, I wouldn’t mind not having a single hair on my body. With that said I would have to shave almost every week but I couldn’t. After a week my head will start getting itchy and as a result of that my head will be covered with bumps.


This meant I could not shave my head as much as I would like to. I even went to such extremes of trying out different hair shampoos and aftershave creams. There was not much luck nor progress with any of the products I tried. Again my conscious hit me hard, telling me some of those products are for “specific” skin and hair types.
My skin (facial) was still behaving but not consistent. I kept the advice I got from the doctor and kept trying out facial products. As I was trying to find the one that suits my skin, I found FINO. It’s not often one finds a product that was created exclusively for men. Most of the time, men’s grooming products are a continuation of the initial female versions.



So from the problem that I experience after shaving, this is what I’ve learned courtesy of Fino Cosmetics:
“Some people might say that nature never intended us to remove hair with blades, wax or chemicals, but getting rid of facial and other unwanted body hair is a daily or weekly ritual for so many people.
When you shave, the skin is stretched, and the hair is then cut off millimetres beneath the surface of the skin. On some occasions, by the time the hair has re-grown to reach the skin’s surface, the skin has grown over the hair follicle and closed it up. The skin treats the hair as a foreign body, sending it back down where it balls up, causing infection. This creates an ingrown hair. A razor bump occurs when the new hair grows out and then curls back in, piercing the skin next to the hair follicle where it continues growing just under the skin. This condition is known medically as Pseudofolliculitis.
In both of these instances, unattractive bumps form on the skin surface. These can become itchy and inflamed and even infected.”

Fino Cosmetics has a full range for men’s essentials to keep them looking and feeling good with or without a suit. FINO Soothe relieves immediate irritation and redness, and alleviates ingrown hair, bumps and razor burn. FINO Soothe also reduces the itchy irritation of new hair growth. They have also introduced FINO Bump Control to combat those extra stubborn bumps. There is also FINO Beard & Shave oil to nourish and moisturise after shaving. To top it all they have my favourite product and it’s been working like a charm, FINO Face Wash to keep me away from the dermatologist’s office.


Now we can all agree that it’s not often that one goes to buy grooming products and walk out with everything of the same brand. FINO products are all produced locally and clinically tested and proven to complement all skin types.
Read more about the brand and its product by following these links https://finocosmetics.com https://www.instagram.com/finocosmetics/
Until next time, stay fresh
Suitably Yours
Brian Lehang


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  1. A vital platform to share men’s grooming that enables you to tackle your day with confidence.Ecstatic piece

    1. Sneziwe Fino Cosmetic was initially made for men but there is Fino Soothe for women.

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