Scarfs – The Next Big Thing!



A menswear accessory that has been relevant in winter but making a comeback on all seasons.

After sharing a read about different neckties, it was befitting to add scarfs into our closets. Of course now that we in the fall season, scarfs are relevant to most of us, both ladies and gents. However these neckties have been around for decades and they’ve been worn in all seasons. I’m sure you’ve seen me playing around with them in both the cold and warmer occasions.



I attended the Pitti Uomo trade fair and like any other edition that I attended I always come home having learnt a thing or two. I did mention it in one of the articles about neckties, that something distinctively different about ties made here at home and those made in Europe is the length. This time around I had the opportunity to learn more about scarfs.

After the January edition even though I didn’t attend, I took the liberty to go to the Pitti Immagine website to see what brands exhibited and what did they have to offer. Of course that website can only give a fraction of the information I needed. Bear in mind that there’s a lot of brands exhibiting at Pitti and most of them showcasing similar merchandize. By this I mean there was more than one brand showing scarfs but of course they differ in many ways.

I came across a brand called 19Andrea’s47 and they produce handmade scarfs, shawls and blankets. Like most clothing websites, there is not much information about the brand and its history and heritage. After going through the website I contacted the people behind the brand with the aim to get more from the brand. Of course through emails, there’s not much I got but we engaged and a meeting was set. It was during the trade fair where got to meet them in person.



After meeting the people behind the brand I understood why they kept their website simple with less words and more images. Words were not going to fully describe the passion they have for their craftsmanship.

Named after one of the brothers Andrea Cini, the third generation from the family of weavers in Prato, Italy. In collaboration with a childhood friend who’s also Andrea, they began a dream team in crafting the finest pieces using pure cashmere and blending it with the finest linen and silk in true Italian artisan style. The “19…47” was the year that Cini’s grandfather established his first textile company.


When I say true Italian artisan I mean absolute craftsmanship, from using the old-school shuttle looms which are no longer manufactured, to handmade finishing making each and every scarf unique. Talk about handcraft, each painting on the scarf is so unique that the painter only makes a single artwork per scarf. It’s so intriguing how Italians go an extra mile for years with their craft in pursuit for perfection.


Another way of describing “style” is versatility and being versatile is being able to play around with such accessories and still come out oozing. Scarfs are a great substitution of the iconic four-in-hand necktie. Character will always show on how one pairs the scarf with the shirt; jacket and even with a necktie. Not only is it a substitute accessory but a neckwear that can still be worn while wearing a tie, but of course that’s in the formal winter occasions.

Check their collection on https://19andreas47.com/ or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/19andreas47_official/

Until next time, stay stylish…

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang



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  1. Quite informative I think that scarves will be very big this Spring/Summer in place of ties

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