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After seeing all the amazing fashion and style trends from the Pitti people, I still got asked if that’s all that happens during Pitti Uomo.

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Crowds flocking Fortezza da Basso
Well there’s more than just posing to photographers, it’s a trade fair after all so there’s a lot that goes on during the four days. I had mentioned in the previous post that Pitti takes centre stage during the menswear fashion season. For someone who has attended fashion weeks all over mzansi, it’s a different ball game in the northern hemisphere. This side of the world fashion shows are for people in the fashion industry only! So there are no tickets sold and there’s no unnecessary hype about the fashion show that will attract unwanted crowds. All the shows are strictly by invitation and there’s no big marquee with high grand stands where any Tom; Dick; Harry and Marry can just walk in to fill up the empty seating. Adding to that, all the shows take place in different locations and only invited guests have all that information. What I found very interesting is most shows were during the day. So there was freedom of expression for the men behind the lenses to capture moments in every angle.

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Scenes from the final walk of Roberto Cavalli show in Florence
Back at Fortezza da Basso, where it was the meeting ground for everyone. I must say this time around it was amazing outside, there was even shaded benches installed on the sacred wall. So there was no reason for hiding away. Well some may say I was hiding, as I disappeared regularly during the day. Well my excuse was I forgot to put on sun-tan lotion…HAHAHA. It has been evident through social media that I was missing in action and for someone who loves being in front of the lenses it was very strange to a lot.

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Tsakane Manganye taking cover from the scotching Florentine heat
Well as fun as it is during Pitti, it’s also a crucial time to work and learn. So most of the time I was indoors doing rounds at exhibition stands. During the course of the year I engage with different brands and some we get to collaborate. Some of these brands were exhibiting during the trade fair and it was the perfect time to meet up with the people behind the brands in person. More to that I got to see what’s new in the market and of course learn more about other brands.

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Mr & Mrs Decorum doing rounds at exhibition stands
Of course not everything happens at the fortress and it’s not just fashion shows that takes place during the course of the trade fair. Some brands opt on conducting intimate events such as trunk shows at exclusive locations such as hotels. I didn’t get any invitation to any fashion shows but I was privileged to attend a talk amplified by Britain’s finest blog, Permanent Style. The Media Symposium curated by Simon Crompton invited guest speakers such as Wei Koh, founder of The Rake magazine. It was an interesting debate amongst some of the greats in the fashion and media industry, tackling aspects which has affected and influenced both industries positively and negatively. An interactive conversation amongst the speakers engaging with attendees sharing different views on the future of fashion and media.

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Simon Crompton of Permanent Style & Wei Koh of The Rake magazine
It may sound like I had a busy week but we did indulge here and there. I was also invited to a cocktail party of one of Europe’s best man magazine. A perfect way to celebrate my feature on the Plaza Uomo magazine which has featured the world’s greatest in the sartorial sphere. We got to mingle with all the big guns as we made a toast with the hosts at Palazzo Budini Gattai

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Head Editor Erik Mannby & Owner Christopher Ostlund of Plaza Uomo magazine
This trade fair has been in existence for decades and season after season there’ll always be something new to learn. I hope through my experience, you got to learn something new about Pitti Uomo. Thanks to Vincezo Grillo; Sebastian McFox and Miguel Amaral Vieira for the contribution of images.
Until next time…
Suitably Yours
Brian Lehang

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  1. So how does one get to be part of the experience of Pitti because I am a scholar to the art and every day is a learning curve to being the best dandy you can be showing yourself through it?

    1. Pitti Uomo is a trade fair just like any expo here in South Africa and it’s open to the public as well. I’d suggest you find more information about the event by going to the Pitti Immagine website to get a clear picture of the event. More so ask the familiar faces that you see in Pitti especially those that inspires you in your quest of being a refined dandy.

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