It’s a package and definitely a lifestyle. I always enjoyed being in front of the lens and telling a story through my ensembles. There was however a period in my journey were I had to shy away from the camera.


I developed acne on my face and it was not pleasant sight. Some said it was part of growing up, every teen goes through that phase. Well I took it as a compliment that I was still seen as a teen but then the fact was I passed that stage a little while ago. My guess was we’re different and our adolescent stage comes at different stages and times, that’s probably why I had this skin problem post adolescent stage.


Some gents may say “a men’s face has to look macho” in other words men can’t have a smooth skin like ladies, well if that’s the case then I beg to differ. I used to get compliments about my skin, but all those glorifying comments faded away with time. I started losing the smoothness on my face. It all started with a single pimple and then they multiplied and unaware I scratched them and they left black spots and marks on my face. Gone were those days of having that fine face, guess I was starting to look like a “man”.


At that time I looked very sad and grumpy on pictures and this affected my confidence. I used to hide my face away from the lens and the focus will be on the outfit only. I got used to the habit of shying away from the camera that some of these shots looked very narrative and all thanks to photographic geniuses that captured the moment.


So I started investing on high-end quality skin and facial products because I got tired of hiding my face from the lenses. I even lost patience on certain products because I wanted to see progress by the time the content was finished. As soon as the product was finished and don’t see the result, I would switch to the next best product on the shelves. Believe it or not I started looking at ladies skin products, tempted to try them but opted for visiting a spa. The experience was partly nice and a bit painful at some point, but they would get the job done and my face would feel fresh and revitalized. I know some are still stuck under a rock thinking that spas are for ladies, well it’s also part of grooming fellas.


It was only then I realized that the problem is not only on the surface of my skin, rather it was deeper. I then researched about this problem and learnt that this was a disease, and a common one to teens and young adults. So I thought the best idea would be to go consult a General Practitioner and the advice I got was to keep using those skin and facial products. However the GP also recommended I go see a dermatologist, the skin doctor.


Going to see the skin doctor was the best decision ever made and even though it was quite expensive, it was worth every dime. As bad as I thought my acne was, I got to the Doc’s office and mine was nothing compared to the other patients. I mean the doctor didn’t even do much, I was expecting at least a similar treatment as the one from the spa but no. Just an observation of my face and he wrote a prescription and that was it! But I was warned that the meds came with visible side effects and change is not overnight. So I had to be slightly patient and even had to go back to the doctor after two months. Although it was just a check-up but that was my last visit and the results were evident.


We may not experience the same infections or diseases but the point is if one can afford to spoil himself with a tailored suit and a pair of quality dress shoes, he should also be willing to look after his body from head to toe. Trust me on this one gents, your body is one of the biggest investments. Take good care of it and don’t even compromise, prevention is better than a cure.

Until next time…
Suitably Yours
Brian Lehang


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  1. Now more guys will think about taking good care of more than just their wardrobes.👏👏👏

  2. Hahaha… Felt personal to me cause that’s the stage I’m going through… Takibg care of my face… I can’t stand my face looking like a rotting paw-paw 👐🙈… Thanks for the heads up… Prevention is better than cure indeed.

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