The new trend for social gatherings – collaboration.


Suitable Sunday has been growing ever since its inception in May 2017, after launching the Suitable Man brand. The gathering of suited and booted gentlemen from all walks of life was inspired by a lot of things, but most importantly was unity in the sartorial sphere. At first the event was open to gentlemen that are in the fashion industry such as designers, tailors, stylists, photographers, etc. A need however arose after the initial launch to expand and involve every other gentleman that shared the same love and passion for dandyism.

Based on the images, one could say we mimicked scenes from the Pitti Uomo trade fair in Florence. Part of this inspiration was certainly derived from there, however Suitable Sunday was more than twice a year. Every gathering had new faces and the movement grew from strength to strength.


Good as it looked from the images, behind the scenes was like a kitchen of a busy restaurant. Like any other event, challenges encountered in this event made one feel like calling it a day. Thanks to the motivation of fellow dandies who always expressed what it meant to them to attend the Suitable Sunday events. Even those that couldn’t make it, committed to attend the next gathering.


It must be noted that the objective behind this movement is networking. This has been a unifying factor such that a brotherly connection was created amongst the sartorial gentlemen. A family so united that it extended to assisting each other with work/business and even personal issues, but most importantly it cultivated the strength of the Suitable Sunday culture.


Even though social media helped in facilitating the networks Suitable Sundays brought us closer. Every session left dandies with memories to cherish with this previous one taking the lead as the most special one. The collaborative effort between myself and Mandla Thabethe of Project Inflamed helped rekindle the event making it extraordinary.  What distinguished it was not just the collaboration of brands but also of individuals with a common vision and objective.


Another gentleman in the sartorial sphere, Humbu Vhulahani of Man Made Executive Wear was keen on being part of this initiative. He bought into this vision so much that he was happy to host us at his store in Newtown Junction Mall, downtown Jozi. Man Made Exec offers distinguished gentlemen an exclusive consultation on wardrobe audits and a personalised shopping to achieve a sartorially sophisticated and elegant ensemble. It can be said that the venue set a perfect ambience that spoke loudly to dandies.


Other brands that graced this suitably sartorial Sunday was Jamie Dwyer all the way from Ireland. He was deployed by Pernod Ricard South Africa to bring an exclusive experience of Jameson Irish Whiskey to the event. Gents were welcomed by Mr Dwyer adorned in a grey windowpane three-piece suit from Man Made Exec. He kept our glasses full as we mingled with each other while admiring the unique signature style of Man Made Exec suits. Later on we got schooled about the whiskey brand; its origin; and other interesting facts. One of those facts was that, there is no specific nor set rule on how to drink whiskey.


Just before the whiskey began to take its toll, the gents were invited next-door to Old School Coffee Co. to reverse its effect. Just when we thought the schooling was done, we got schooled about the different types of coffee. Just like whiskey with its rich history and heritage, coffee also comes a long way with an intriguing process in crafting its finest form. In as much as there are no rules in drinking whiskey, we learnt that the best way to drink coffee is with no sugar.


After all the schooling and commotion caused by photographers outside wanting every piece of our ensembles, we nibbled on some snacks prepared by the Project Inflamed team. Conversations continued to flow as we discussed further about my recent article about classic hats. While exchanging of contacts and getting to know each other was of course the order of the day. This was sealed by the gentlemen reminiscing of previous Suitable Sunday sessions with high ambitions expressed of making the next one an even bigger success.


At the end of the day we revived our friendship; made new friends and made potential business contacts. Above all we came together and were all united in the spirit of Afro sartorialism and dandyism.

Until next time…

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang


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  1. Amazingly said,nothing to add or substrate but instead to bare testimony to the blog.It was my first event of suitable Sunday solely because the knowledge of it wasn’t at my disposal.However, now I have a home to share ideas,get inspired and future develop myself as a dandy.
    Hence we must give credit when it’s due,thank you Brian and Mandla it was amazing
    Looking forward to the next event and collaborating with you guys.

    Sir Rhodes
    Dandyism is not a trend but it’s fashioniable

  2. We learn and network in every Suitableman event,is never a waste of time.thanks to you!

  3. Exceptionally captured my leader. This platform gas truly been an eye opener, a beautiful networking platform and most of all an opportunity for us to all grow together. Heres to many more Suitable Sundays

  4. I would like to host one in Busy Corner aka Imbizo Shisanyama Midrand. May I please be provided with information.

  5. This is a great initiative and looks like a well organized gathering. Remember how it all started to where it is now stronger and better. Continue to shine and raise that dandy flag higher Brian🙌

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