A one stop shop for gentlemen’s essentials.

One would ask what essentials would those be, well that’s everything to complete and compliment a suit. Twill is a renowned stockist of neck wear, formal shirts and accessories, available from several convenient locations across South Africa.


Its first store was open in 1993 in the V&A Waterfront Mall and ever since then, it has grown from strength to strength making it accessible to find quality sartorial accessories at an affordable deal. Twill started with offering neck ties and other menswear accessories but now they even offer ladies scuffs for both winter and summer occasions.


Sartorial menswear is regarded as a gentleman’s wardrobe investment. Due to price and quality many of such items are bound to last years and can even be passed on to the future generation. My uncle passed on a tie which belonged to his late father and I still have that tie even today, hopefully I’ll also get to pass it through to my niece one day. However such items can never be enough, our suits and shirts come in different colours and every shade and tone will definitely need something new to make it stand out. Another reason is that we may not own a lot of suits but with a variety of shirts and ties, we are able to make every suit look new every time we wear them.


Those days are gone where only women had an accessory box, nowadays men own an accessory closet. Since we can’t have enough of all these essentials, we need a bigger space to keep all of them in a manner that will be convenient to find when suiting up. I’m not a fan of using all accessories in one outfit at one go but having so many options gives one the opportunity to have versatile looks.


Twill stores are so convenient and intimate, one doesn’t have to go through aisles looking for accessories. Everything in the store can be seen as you step in and it’s reachable with just a stretch of an arm. As small as they are, their merchandise is elegantly and professionally displayed to attract dandies by just walking pass the store. The store has also increased its offerings by adding other accessories such as socks; hats; belts and more.


I still get people saying “it’s difficult to buy a guy like Brian a gift”, I’m sure a lot of gents did hear such an excuse before. Well then, there’s no excuse now as Twill has every accessory for every gentlemen. Twill is also giving back to the community by using its business to inspire positive change in helping scholars through their “One4One” project.


Visit Twill on http://twill.co.za and also like their Facebook page @twillsouthafrica and share your ideas on how they can inspire change.

Until next time, stay stylish

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang


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