As we still enjoying the blissful summer heat, on the other side of the world the temperature was on single digits but the Pitti Peacocks where not bothered.

As I was still trying to digest the blue hues from the Queens plate, I could feel the chills from the cold Florence as Pitti Uomo kick-started early last week. For those of you that forgot what Pitti Uomo is or those that are hearing this for the first time, it is a menswear trade fair. It is where brands from all over the world come to showcase their latest fashion offerings. It is during this week that we are treated with the most amazing exhibitions and fashion shows. Apart from that we get to see the art of dressing from the classic tailoring style to the fast-forward fashion trends. The biannual trade fair happening in January (winter) and June (summer) was on full force giving us everything we need to know about winter wear. Pitti also has a theme for every season and this time around was “PITTI LIVE MOVIE” and what a blockbuster it was.


Taking place for four days at Fortezza da Basso, we saw dandies oozing down the streets of Florence all the way into the fortress guns blazing. I used the word peacock earlier as attendees of this prestigious event are well-known for looking sartorially elegant with their bright and colourful suits, however this time is different. As blazing hot as it is here in the southern hemisphere, it is freezing cold in the north and it’s this time during Pitti when we witness true test of character. Our winter is yet to come, let’s see what style inspiration we can take from the Pitti peacocks as we prepare rearrange our wardrobes for the cold days.

Creme De La Crème

Usually during this season we get to see the different wintery textures with deep toned shades. However we got to see the newest ways of looking warm in lighter colours.





Furriest Of Them All

Fur coats have always been popular with ladies as they have that feminine silhouette, but now we see men’s coat with fur. Although not the whole coat will be covered with fur but it will be visible and will definitely be warming the neck in style.




Turtle Neckers

Another suitable way of substituting a shirt and tie and still looking sartorially debonair. Turtle necks are the simplest and must have staples for winter and even better when you have them in assorted colours.





Well Earned Stripes

Season after season and from generations to generations, stripes have remained timeless and iconic. This season was no different, we saw them all from pin to chalk stripes and in different shades.






One the winter accessories that ae making a big come back in the menswear scene. Scarves have also been around for generations and now we see them in all sorts of shades and textures keeping our necks warm and also adding a bit of flavour on gentlemen’s ensembles.





Talking about the sartorial style trends from Florence during this time of the year, I could go on and on. We can all agree there was more that could have been added for this post but then, let’s leave it for another day. Just like fashion, it comes and goes…Pitti Uomo came and gone but left us with suitable style trends to explore when the winter season approaches in a few months’ time.

Until Next time…

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang


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