After reading the article about “PUT SOME RESPECT ON THAT NAME” there was no other perfect time to follow it up with this piece. Having spoken about it before, I think it needs to be raised up again in more detail.

Social media and celebrity high and fast lifestyle has influenced a lot of people to want to live the same lifestyle. People have become slaves for recognition and they would do anything for exposure and publicity. Even as consumers, we have become brand conscious but for the wrong reasons. We want to fit in with the cool kids and we have made mistakes thinking that owning big brands that are well known, will give us the passport to be associated with them.


In my journey in the fashion world learning; experimenting and experiencing new things, I’ve got to learn that it’s not about the brand but style. Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with what you bought. I also believe that something is not expensive if you can afford it, so if you can’t afford it then leave it for the day you can.

An expensive suit; shoes or even a timepiece does not make one a gentleman. It is all about the values that one has about himself and how he values people and things around him. His humility and how he carries himself and not only in public but even when in private places determines a gentleman amongst many men. Respect cannot be bought but rather it is earned and it’s through the all that mentioned above and more.

Although it doesn’t take an expensive suit to make you a gentleman, but every gentleman wants to always look good. One can look and smell like a millionaire without having big brands wrapped around them. Apart from that we also know that there’s more than just a suit and a pair of shoes that completes the overall gentleman’s look.


There are timeless pieces in a gentleman’s wardrobe that are treasured for generations. A timepiece is one of them and I believe this is a must have for every gentleman and must be wrapped around your wrist on daily basis. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to be a big brand but if you can afford it, you may knock yourself out.

I’ve came across people asking me questions about what I’m wearing on my wrist. While some just asked simply because they admired the whole look, some were curious to know the brand name. I got mixed reactions all round, some were wowed by the minimalistic of the watch and some simply gave a raised eyebrow as if they were expecting a well-known brand on my wrist.

Since I’ve been a fan of underdogs and low-key brands I was introduced to an Australian brand known as VIRTAS. This is a young brand from New Zealand yet the collection of the timepieces are so matured. One can say this is a brand that’s been around for decades, but the brands has arrived in the market with a whole different view. Scot, the Founder of the brand is also a connoisseur of finer things in life and timepieces are part of the things he loves with a passion.


Like any other connoisseur, he spent time searching for a quality timepiece that’s in his price range. After struggling to find one, he then decided to make one. It took months designing; creating; testing; and perfecting this particular time piece. After months of trial and error they finally got it right and VIRTAS was born in March 2016.

The name VIRTAS (VIRTUS) is Latin which means Virtue. Virtue can be summarised as behaviour showing high moral regard. Words such as decency; integrity; pride; respect and all the others mentioned earlier about the essence of a gentleman can be used to describe the VIRTAS movement. They also believe that every gentleman should own a quality timepiece and their aim was to make it affordable for every gentleman to do so without breaking the bank.

With their timepieces being so afforded by every working class gents, they still do charity work, as they pledge $5 for every timepiece sold to support The Child Cancer Foundation. The VIRTAS collection has all the timeless looks with class and elegance and every timepiece does not only have a specific style but also a special name. For instance, The Edmund which was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who was the first to summit Mount Everest. Sir Hillary’s other notable achievements include starting the Himalayan Trust. – A non-profit organisation that provides education and resources to the locals living in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. “Sir Edmond Hillary inspires us to treat life as an adventure and constantly push ourselves.”

I am honoured to wear this timepiece as I got to know and learn more of the brand and the good deed that they’re doing to give back to charity. It feels good to wear something that you actually know the story behind it, this keeps the story going on especially when admirers start asking questions. Visit them on www.virtaswatch.com follow their Instagram account @virtaswatch and join the movement #IAmVirtas

Until next time, be on time!

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang


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4 thoughts on “IT’S ABOUT TIME – WATCH THIS

  1. It’s good to wear something that you know its history like you said in the previous article…otherwise nice timepiece Mr Lehang

  2. Good Afternoon

    Ok so I read the article in depth and I like what I read it’s very true and I couldn’t agree more. I actually do believe that you don’t have to wear expensive brands always, I don’t but I do have those pieces I love so yeah I hear you, but I won’t lie I love vanity there’s a sense of importance it gives you

    Now my curiosity is now, in this regard I appreciate you sharing the knowledge but is there something you trying to point out or are you just shining the light?

  3. Your article has made fall in love with #IAmVirtas … Pity There isn’t a ladies virtas timepiece.


    Malume B

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