LOUIS VUITTON; DOLCE&GABANNA; BURBERRY; GUCCI; VERSACE…I can go on and on. We are all familiar with these high fashion brands. The question is, do we really know them or just wear them just to look fashionable?

These are world renowned brands that are worn by international and even local celebrities and thanks to social media we see a lot of them embracing these historical brands. I use the word “historical” because these brands have been around for decades and with that said they treasure a rich history. Some of them even have museums that archives some of their iconic pieces and runway collections from the then years. Wearing these high-end brands gives one both pride and confidence regardless of what item it is or how it looks on him or even her. In most cases it gives the wearer a sense of respect from those surrounding him. However I always question myself, is this label being worn to earn bragging rights or to look stylish? Does the wearer know the label’s history and heritage? Some may say it’s not necessary, but then I would often ask what does “D&G” stand for and that is often an easy one. “DOLCE&GABANNA as they roll their eyes, however who are they and what are their first names, then I get a loud silence. If one can afford to buy such luxury, it’s only fair to invest some time to know a little more about the brand.


It gets worse, I can forgive you for mispronunciation of the name I guess there is no master of pronunciation. At least we’d like to believe that you can afford such luxurious brands. I must say these brand names come with a hefty price and can leave a dent on one’s bank account. With that said people still want that sense of belonging and to fit in the circles of their fellow brand conscious associates. Unfortunately some tend to go to the darker sides to get themselves a piece of these brands, yes the black market. The paradise of replicas and of course this would be heaven for those that can’t afford the real deal. Then I ask yet another question, how do you feel wearing that fake label? Belonging and fitting in the circles? Well to me it is an insult to the brand and the designer. As much as these fashion brands possess a powerful statement but it gives no reason to purchase pirated product. You don’t need a fashion brand to look fashionable or stylish, all you need is creativity.


I guess for selling it’s nothing personal, it’s just business. It is a fact that there is a market for replicas because almost every high-end label has a replica. From apparels to luxurious pieces such as watches and people are not bothered whether it’s the real deal or not. Although some of these replicas look very identical to the real ones, the real deal will always have distinctive markings or special codes to distinguish the item from a replica. And here I was thinking that it’s only in South Africa where one can find all these replicas, almost everywhere in the world there’s a place where one can find the cheaper version.


With my recent travel I saw boutiques that sell second-hands of these high-end brands and they are original. The price of these second-hands is still high which even the replicas were still an option to some people. A lot of influence for loving these brands is also linked with our beloved celebrities, and since we’re their followers we want to look like them. For a normal working/middle class citizen, some items are just not necessary to have even though it’s a high-end brand. I personally and with the respect I have for these brands, I know that they are way out of my league and I made peace with that. On the upside I can still smell like a millionaire because major department stores stock colognes of these exclusive brands and they are affordable compared to pair of shoes or a suit. I can also go for a pair of shades as they are also at a reasonable price range.


Like what Ralph Lauren said “fashion is not necessarily about labels and it’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you”. I hope you enjoyed reading and my sincere apologies if I offended some of you.

Until next time, stay in your lane *wink*

Yours Suitably


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  1. honestly most people have been wearing brand names without knowing the true history behind the brand and yes Im one of those who use to be like that…but with articles like this it will help the fashion lovers and style lovers to know that its best to know the true origin of fashion brands…

  2. I personally didn’t think its necessary to know all the info about the brand and by the way im ignorant i dont even know lots of brand names to an extend that i can’t even differentiate fakes from original but i will take this as an wake up lesson i will have to take for myself

    Thanks B

  3. Nuf said… Rather have quality than quantity but if affordable then one can have quality with quantity of the real brand.

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