This was a philosophy I learnt from my parents at home and my teachers back in primary school. This statement spoke highly about hygiene, cleanliness as well as neatness.

Back in the schooling days particularly in junior primary I was very active in sports. I remember first day of the week I’d leave the house sparkling clean until I get to the school gates. Seeing my school friends, the first thing we’d do was play soccer. By the time the school bell goes off to start the day, we’d be lining up in the assembly point with our school shoes looking dusty and bruised. As we would make our way to our classes, the head mistress would be checking on cleanliness and neatness. Guess who was the first culprit to be found guilty for not having all the above mentioned qualities? Every week was the same and I even started getting used to the punishment at school. However that punishment was nothing compared to the one I got at home. I’d get double the whooping lashes; wash my uniform and clean my shoes. The hardest lesson was to be able to preserve the shoes for a full year. Failing to do so I stood the risk of going to school on bare feet and that was the hardest sentencing one can ever get.

It was at that point I taught myself to love my shoes like they were my pets and this was the turning point of my life. I never owned a pet but I sure gave my shoes some tender loving care. They got a polished twice a week, uncompromisingly they would be brushed and buffed every single day of school. Even the traditional soccer matches changed, I stopped playing because I didn’t want to get my puppies dusty and dirty. I even had a buffing cloth in my school bag just to wipe and shine the shoes before I head into class.


Over a decade after my schooling days not much has changes, keeping shoes clean and neat became a tradition. My shoes became a priority, buying shoe cleaning products was like buying toiletry. Having a collection of shoes with different tones and textures I would always get at least a single shoe care product every time I was in the supermarkets. Back then it used to be just a single black polish for my single pair of black school shoes and Sunday church shoes. Now it’s a whole new ball game, its different shoes to complement different outfits and for shoe addicts like me one can’t never have enough pairs. Having multiple pairs was not to show off, but to keep rotating them on a daily basis. This is simply another method of looking after your investments, as they would last longer.

Some gents restricted themselves from certain style of shoes due to the complexity of their tones and textures as well as the admin of cleaning them. No need to traumatise your temptations anymore, there is the answer to all of that and is PLUSH!


PLUSH Professional Leather Care, an established South African company, specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of professional leather and suede care products. With a track record of 50 years the PLUSH brand has become synonymous with affordable, superior quality suede and leather care products. “Our emphasis has always been on quality”, says CEO Steve de Villiers. “PLUSH prides itself on offering a range of value-for-money products that are of a superior quality and matched to the harsh environmental elements of the African continent.”


PLUSH products are widely stocked in South Africa’s major supermarkets but it’s quite surprising that there are still high end shoe boutiques that don’t keep shoe-care products. I believe every shoe store I mean even those that only specialise in trainers and running shoes should have shoe-care products as an add-on sale. With my experience working in retail and particularly sports, I always advised my customers buying running shoes to also add a pair of socks. A new pair of should at least be worn for the first time with new socks, but that’s the story for another day. It makes business sense to sell a pair and add on shoe-care products.


PLUSH products are so diverse they have shoe cleaning products for every shoe type; tone and texture. I mean I am not even a fan of this new era of golf sneakers simply because of the struggles cleaning them. However with the PLUSH product, it has made that easy and enjoyable to do with their range of sneaker cleaning care product.


It gets even better, there’s also leather cleaners that cleans and shines the shoe at the same time. The smart thing about this product is that it is neutral, so I can apply it to all tones of my leather shoes. That’s not all, did you know that the average consumer wears four leather products at any time? The PLUSH Leather Cleaner nourishes and cleans any leather and synthetic leather items you may have. These products include your wallets, belts, shoes, watch straps etc. How handy is it to have one product that can look after all your leather needs?


The brand grown immensely since being taken under new management ‘wings’ in 2010, PLUSH has extended and formalized its distribution, re-launched some of the existing products and expanded into the home-care category with a complete range of affordably priced household-care products.

Now gentleman there something for your puppies and you can also get something for the house. Even my professional shoe cleaner, Ignatius agrees as he prefers to use this brand as it caters for all. So visit their website on www.plush.co.za or like their Facebook page “Plush”.

Until then, keep it clean

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang


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  1. Lol Mara vele u really liked ur shoes even at corie high first thing u did after school was dust ur shoes😂😂😂🙋

  2. I believe the shoes applies same as a 17″rims of any sport full house car. The better the rims the better the car looks.

    “The nicer the shoes ,the best comes out of your outfit too”

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