With fashion and style evolving by the day we see men embracing other colours from clothing to footwear. In the beginning it was just a typical black pair of shoes and a suit, most of the time being black; navy; or grey. Nowadays man leave a black shoes for special occasions such as black-tie events.

Shoe makers all over the world have elevated their creativity and the competition is very high in the shoe market. Although South Africa doesn’t have a lot of cobblers and shoe makers, the shoe business is slowly catching up with the international market. With most of my ensembles, my shoes have always captured much attention and I constantly got asked questions such as “where in the world do you buy your shoes?” Believe it or not, 90% of my shoe collection was bought in South Africa. I also believe that no single store can offer you all types and styles of shoes, at worst I can have the same style in different shades and patterns. In most cases I will at least have a maximum of 3-4 boxes of the same brand.

Shoes are one of the most powerful accessories for gentlemen yet they are still underrated. Have you noticed even when it comes to the most trending photos on social media, the focus is on the outfit and shoes are left out of the shot? Some gents are even well known for their powerful tailored suits; shirts and ties and their looks are iconic, but the shoe game is rather dull.

Shoes can dictate an outfit unlike accessories such as a tie that is dictated by the outfit. Some gents would say “no” to some shoes due to the colour as it limits their outfit of choice. Almost every gentleman has a pair of black shoes, and like I’ve said in the beginning, I also haven’t worn my black shoe for quite some time. I even forgot some of them and simply because they are just black and nothing else but black.1

I was introduced to a shoe brand that changed how I perceived black shoes and brought a new twist with an edgy look. A black shoe never looked so good until I met the brand SERFAN. The main attraction of the shoe is on the tassels as they come in assorted colours. The black leather of the shoe allows the colourful tassels to spackle.  2

SERFAN is a young and vibrant German shoe brand founded by Serhat Yilmaz, from Augsburg. He had a motto that says “have visions, live them and convince people.” Serhat was once in a similar situation looking for a shoe that will match his “blue” jacket and he was not successful. That was when the idea emerged for him to design a shoe that he would not only wear in the office but also be able to go casual with it.


With men starting to take their wardrobe very seriously, Serhat wanted to stand out from the trend of cheap mass production and focus more on offering high quality rather than inferior quantity. The standard of men’s lifestyle has changed and they are willing to spend as long as they’re getting a fair deal of quality in return. With that said Serhat Yilmaz employed some of the best shoe makers from Italy and Spain to exclusively produce his designs.


SEFARN shoes are exclusively made from the highest quality full calf leather, which comes from one of the best European tanneries and been tested to meet strict European standards. Since the shoes with a double seam are provided, they have a long lifespan and a high wearing comfort. About 250 labouring work steps are necessary to produce around each shoe model. The different stages of production are of long standing cobblers performed accurately on every process.

Visit their website on https://www.serfan.de and feed your eyes with other offerings such as their Oxfords and Chelsea boots.

Until Next time, stay stylish

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang


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