We all know by now and can testify that a necktie is thee MUST-HAVE wardrobe item for every gentleman. This iconic accessory has turned ordinary suits into powerful ensembles and they’ve turned scholars into gentlemen.


Some gents know how to pull out a rocking outfit without a necktie, but I personally feel incomplete and a little bit underdressed without one. We, as guys don’t have much accessories like ladies and really don’t need to have that much but a necktie is one of those items that one can never have enough. I get a lot of people say they would find it difficult or rather expensive to buy a guy like me a gift, and then I roll my eyes. I mean really guys, how difficult can it be? Just get him a necktie, what colour? It really doesn’t matter, if he’s a traditional suit and tie guy, he will have an outfit for that colour and it may not be now but then it won’t decompose or anything like that.


Being a fan of the sartorial look and lifestyle, every time I do shopping or even passing the men’s formal clothing section I’d always go pass the accessories section to see what necktie styles and patterns they have. Besides the colours; patterns and prints of the neckties I find most of the ties a little too short for my style. One may say it’s because I’m tall and having to tie a knot like the Prince Albert will take up a lot of the tie’s length. However I’ve spotted a lot of gents with a tie ending above their belly button and they’re not as tall as I am.

Seeing pictures of dandy dudes in Europe and other overseas countries, I noticed most of the times both ends of their ties would end below the waist line. Usually it should at least reach the middle of the belt buckle, but then again rules can be slightly bent. So after visiting Florence in Italy in January, I didn’t get to see the tie lengths due to the fall season as everyone was layering. However after visiting again later in June I got to see that the length was exceptionally longer than the ones we get here at home.

While I was there I got the opportunity to experience the quality and freedom of having such a flexible necktie.


ΚΥΔΟΣ was the brand that gave me the first-hand experiment and it came at the right time. One of the things I learnt about most overseas brands is that they have a rich history and heritage and ΚΥΔΟΣ was no exception.

The House of ΚΥΔΟΣ creates premium, limited edition, 100 percent hand sewn neckties. Each necktie has been meticulously created with the same knowledge, tools and skills that their great grandfather used over a century ago.


Following the sourcing of the finest of silk and premium blends in Italy, France and the United Kingdom, the fabric is then carefully treated, cut and sown by hand in house, in a process that takes more than 4 hours of patient and meticulous work. The House doesn’t use sewing machines; the only tools ever used are the scissors and needles of the tailor, as it is important to achieve invincible seams, perfectly balanced folds and natural drape of the fabric without the aid of interlining.

The House offers Elafria and Panalafri necktie construction. Elafria weights about 44 to 65 grammars, when in silk. It is totally unlined and offers eight perfectly balanced folds. Panalafri is an ultra-light weight necktie, of about 30 to 35 grammars, ideal for summer and hot weather, as it is totally unlined, with its 4 fold construction.  Each limited edition number is hand sewn in the inner fold of each necktie.6

The House of ΚΥΔΟΣ traces its history back through generations of the same family of master tailors and this is their philosophy:

“For us, fine life is in the fine detail and the journey of creation:

  • Fine results require fine materials
  • Fine materials require fine hands
  • Fine hands require time”

All ΚΥΔΟΣ neckties and products are made in-house and completely by hand from the very best weaved silk which we source primarily in Como, Italy. Every single fold, every thread and every tiny detail of your ΚΥΔΟΣ necktie is handled with the care and attention of a single tailor.


Discover unique, lightweight and elegant neckwear made with extraordinary quality, something worth treasuring.

“We never compromise on quality. We believe if a thing is worth doing it’s worth doing properly – only the very best will do.

  • We produce only 33 neckties for each design
  • We do not repeat designs
  • Each necktie has a unique code (detailing its order, design and year of creation) sewn discreetly in its folds.”

With the ultra-lightweight creation, you will barely notice you’re wearing your tie. Absolutely unique to you, your ΚΥΔΟΣ necktie is an ultra-limited edition handcrafted work of art.

At ΚΥΔΟΣ, handmade is the epitome of style, the essence of exclusivity. We know you value true craftsmanship and you understand real quality. You know the experienced, unhurried and caring hand of a master tailor always leaves its mark.

With over 30 years’ experience, ΚΥΔΟΣ master tailor uses the same knowledge, tools and skills as those of the great grandfather did over a century ago. That is the quality, history and heritage in every single ΚΥΟΣ necktie.


House of ΚΥΔΟΣ has every colour suitable for every gentleman, whether is “the bold and the beautiful” or “peaceful and powerful” they have it! Visit www.kydos.gr and see their range of neckties and more…

Suitably Yours

Brian Lehang



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