We’ve seen the rise of menswear fashion and style and how men have shell-struck out of their comfort zones and started taking their look seriously. In June while everybody was freezing here in the southern hemisphere I took a trip to Florence, Italy for yet another amazing and colorful Pitti Uomo Trade Fair. Although a lot that is seen through pictures relating to this event is men in suits, that’s not all.

Since it was winter here at home, it was a minimum of 30° degrees Celsius in the afternoon in Florence. With Pitti Uomo taking place biannually in January and June, it has been a platform for brands to showcase their latest collection for both winter (January) and summer (June). Although the focus may be on who are the best dressed “suitablemen” for this season which of course was summer, there was more than just the colorful peacocks in suits.

A lot of people asked quite a million times as to what really do we do when we are there. For most people it seems like a place where people go get photographed by thousands of photographers and end up seeing your looks on social media and other fashion publications. Pitti Uomo is one of the few events in the world were menswear fashion and style is appreciated, particularly the suit game. However there is more than just standing there looking all sartorially dapper posing for cameras. It is a “trade fair”, so there is more that is being offered at Fortezza da Basso.



It is business as usual like at any other exhibition or expo.  There are brands from all over the world to show their latest and trendy fashion offerings. Most of these brands are based in the northern hemisphere and it makes business sense for them to exhibition there due to the seasons. Since June is the beginning of our winter, it’s the start of the summer so for the European markets and those in the northern hemisphere is a perfect time to shop. Arguably saying we are a season behind, at least I don’t see it that way.  It’s obvious that whatever that was trending in summer for the European markets in June had not much use to us since it was winter on this side of the equator. That’s the only reason why it looks like we are a season behind. However there is a brighter side to look at, this whole season difference works in our favor.  After seeing all the summer trends that happened in June we are able to gear up for our summer with all the trends that made waves for their summer.



Let’s look at some of the brands that looked very colorful for summer and we can incorporate that not only in our wardrobes but into our boutiques. In as much as SuitableMan is forever seen in suit and tie he does take a chill pill, remember I play golf so hey. One of the timeless trends for a timeless gentleman to look forward to this summer is the polo shirt. This is one of the timeless smart casual items that every gentleman has to have a collection of this season. A polo shirt is a summery substitute of a shirt and it is still easy and simple to rock it at work and still look formal. I mean look at golf, it is one of the most traditional and formal in all sporting codes and the primary item one must have to play golf is a polo shirt which is now called a golfer.


Gran Sasso was one of those brands that captured my attention with their colorful summer collection. Looking at the range of polo shirts, they had a combination of the classic cotton feel with a retro feel and fit. Being summer and people in an outgoing vibe, one can pair this polo with a suit and still be able to go to work looking classy and elegant. Later on after work you can still rock the same look for a night out with friends and not worry about having to go back home to change. The construction and use of fabric is complementing the active gentleman who can wear it through the day on the golf course and enjoy the cool and ventilating shirt and not worry about heating and sweating. The shirts are extremely flexible and durable to give the athletic gentleman an optimum performance and comfort and still look chic.

Enjoy the summer, wear Gran Sasso’s summer casual-chic style!

Shop online: www.gransasso.it/en

Until Next time, stay informed…

Yours Suitably





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