Growing up as a competitive golfer I always made sure that going to play a round I should always look good. Some days were not so a good day on the golf course, but I knew that at least I looked good. My love for fashion went from dressing up for golf to watching FTV and as far as actually going to fashion weeks to witness the thrill live. Being at fashion week I wanted to learn more about this new hobby. As much as some people looked at me with a raised eyebrow when I told them that I studied golf as a career I also had a raised eyebrow at some careers. I never got the opportunity to study fashion but I was determined to learn more than what I saw on television.


Like any other career fashion has its own fair share of storytelling, from the making of that garment, who made it and how it was made. Through the years it has become so intense in the fashion world and of course it has been dominated by ladies-wear. The intensity has risen so high, to such an extent that even the media has made fashion one of the powerful weapons of mass distraction. From that one garment there is so much that happens to it until it even gets to the end-user (buyer).



It begins with inspiration then turned into an idea that becomes a drawing or a sketch of a garment. From the drawing board there will be discussions of elements such as colour; fabric; texture and so on. After all that has been discussed all that’s left is for the garment to be made. After the tailoring it goes straight to the runway where there will be potential buyers with the aim of catching the fish while it’s still fresh from the sea. Remember it’s not just the buyers that are present to witness the latest fashion offerings, there will be fashion stylists and the media just to name a few. Not every buyer would always buy everything that comes out the ramp, regardless what brand or designer is showcasing. However there are other people that may be interested at that garment and one of them may be now famously known as celebrity stylists. With celebrity red-carpet event happening all over the world and live concerts performances these stylist will always make use of some of those  garments for such events. It may not be for permanent use or for the celebrity to keep, but it will go back to the studio having gained yet another platform to be showcased. It gets better this time around because not only was it seen on the runway but it is now seen on a well-known public figure and with the power of their influence that whole look is bound to generate traffic towards the label.



But now how does the message gets through to the masses? It’s yours truly loved and hated media. Not everyone follows fashion to an extent that they would be attending fashion shows to see what’s new and trending in fashion. Journalists; bloggers; and even the new kids in the game –vloggers, all flock in to the fashion weeks to tell their own story about the shows. You see them with a pen and a notebook as usual taking notes as models grace the runway. Some you see taking pictures with digital cameras and even with their phones and right after you get the feed on social media platforms. Thanks to these geniuses even when one didn’t attend the show but you get the opportunity to see the show via live streaming exactly as it happens. Talk about the power of media transmissions you get to see high quality pictures of the whole collection instantly. It’s true when they say a picture can paint a thousand words, without having to touch the garment but one can tell a lot about the garment. Immediately after the show you see them rushing to back stage to have an interview with the designer or creative director about the show and the collection. Not all the designers showcase the work on fashion weeks, but they have testified that having to do so generates attention to the brands in many positive ways. Since not everyone can be there to see the show live some get to read about the collection on different blogs and websites.



It’s the very same people that you will find at the celebrity events. As glamorous these celebrities will be and of course with their influence to the public thanks to the media they are given the spotlight to say what they’re wearing and who made it. That single interview will speak volumes and not only will the public know about the brand but other celebrities would also want to be associated with the brand. As recognition grows the brand’s signature DNA gets noticeable without having to ask.



It may seem like I said a little about the stylist’s contribution to that garment. I know to some it sounds like everyone can do it, I mean you dress up every day going to work or out with friends. That well-constructed garment that made cameras flash simultaneously and turned heads doesn’t go alone. There is someone that will be consulted as to what accessories to go with the garment and that will be the stylist. These people have went to fashion schools and they pretty much know about the fashion as designers do. They even do consultation for other designers on new angles and styles to do and how to go about. Some designers do that without the assistance of the stylist, however they still come in handy for celebrities. They may be amazing actors and singers but would not be able to manage their wardrobe and as a result a stylist would be hired for that. With their expertise in image consultancy and their network capacity they will shoot two birds with one stone. They will use the very same garment that we’ve forgotten about and dress the celebrity and give it life with all the accessories and more (hair & make-up). In this way they will be giving publicity to the label and making the celeb look glamorous.



Now after all that cycle the designer may be doing more of those garments or simply just making something different to that we saw on the runway or on that celebrity. With the power of media and all the other factors that contributed to making not only the garment but the label, it is obvious that the brand is now a “big deal”. The end result to this means that everyone will want to have it or at least a slice of the cake, but of course if one can afford it. I mean it is now a “big deal” and not everyone can have it or rather afford it.

After all this experience I learnt that fashion and everything that surrounds it, it’s a privilege. Everyone can dress up but not everyone can be fashionable.

Until next time, stay fashionable…

Yours Suitably


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